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VVJ 144 - Enrico Solazzo - Perfect Journey (eng)

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VVJ 144 - Enrico Solazzo - Perfect Journey (eng)

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Enrico Solazzo 

Perfect Journey Play


Special Guest: 

Kadir Gonzalez López

Dynamite Mc

Dennis Chambers

Antonio Faraò

Tollak Ollestad

Roberto Gatto

Chase Baird

Lo Van Gorp

Stefano Di Battista

John Peña

Baptiste Herbin

Gumbi Ortiz

e molti altri...


VVJ 144 - Prodotto da Via Veneto Jazz

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Press release

After many years of production and record collaborations Enrico Solazzo produces his first album "Perfect Journey".

This album alternates between original compositions and famous covers that embrace various influences and musical styles ranging from jazz, blues, to electronic, all enhanced by the collaboration of 40 internationally renowned musicians such as Dynamite Mc, Dennis Chambers, Antonio Faraò, Tollak Ollestad, Roberto Gatto, Chase Baird, Lo Van Gorp, Stefano Di Battista, John Peña, Baptiste Herbin, Gumbi Ortiz and the very young Cuban talent Kadir Gonzalez López, to name a few.

Enrico Solazzo’s love of creating fascinating sounds with arrangements of great refinement and taste make this album a "perfect journey" to experience listening to every single song.



Tracklist of "Perfect Journey": 14 Tracks

01. ALGO AZUR (Dario Rosciglione,Enrico Solazzo)
02. CRAZY (B.Barton, T.Callaway, Gianpiero e Gianfranco Reverberi)
03. DEEP (Enrico Solazzo)
04. ANGEL EYES (F. Rosciglione,E. Solazzo,C. Prunas)
05. EL NEGRO CHINO (Ruben Rada)
06. PAINT THE PICTURE (Dominic Smith,Enrico Solazzo)
07. PERFECT JOURNEY (Enrico Solazzo)
08. NOW... THEN (Enrico Solazzo)
09. WHAT’S UP (Enrico Solazzo)
10. ZERO GRAVITY (Fabiana Rosciglione, Enrico Solazzo)
11. YOU’RE MY THRILL (Jay Gorney, Sidney Clare)
12. SEPTEMBER (Al McKay, Maurice White, Allee Willis)
13. CARUSO (Lucio Dalla)
14. LAZY NINA (Donald Fagen)

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