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VVJ 142 - Ferruccio Spinetti - Arie (eng)

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VVJ 142 - Ferruccio Spinetti - Arie (eng)

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Ferruccio Spinetti 
Arie Play


Ferruccio Spinetti doublebass

Giovanni Ceccarelli piano and fender rhodes

Elena Romano vocals

Jeff Ballard drums

Special Guest: Rita Marcotulli piano (track 1 and 13)


VVJ 142 - Prodotto da Via Veneto Jazz e Jando Music

 Logo Via Veneto Jazz  Logo Jandomusic



Press release

I have always loved jazz, and also always loved the compositions of Italian jazz players, many of whom have been stage mates in these 30 years of my career. 

This is where my idea of creating starts, a sort of "songbook", which I hope will help people to discover how Italian artists are loved all over the world. 

For this project, it came naturally to me to ask an old friend for help, Giovanni Ceccarelli, at the piano and Fender Rhodes.

On the drums there is a drummer who needs no introduction. I think playing with him is the dream of every double bass player, his name is Jeff Ballard who has gladly accepted to be part of this project. 

Last but not least, the voice is Elena Romano, a young Florentine singer and songwriter. 

Special Guest of the album is Rita Marcotulli who plays the piano on her song "Vagabondi delle Stelle" and on the River song. 



Tracklist of "Arie": 15 Tracks

01. The river song (Picco / Romano)
02. The look in your eyes (Pieranunzi / Romano)
03. There is no Truth (Zanisi / Romano)
04. Crepuscolo (Alessandro Giachero)
05. Ossessivostinato (Bruno Tommaso)
06. December (Spinetti / Romano)
07. Aria (Rava / Servillo)
08. Intro Drum (Ballard)
09. Fausto (Spinetti)
10. Meteores (G.Ceccarelli)
11. Passato futuro (Ceccarelli / Spinetti / Romano)
12. Lullaby for Ugo (P.Dalla Porta)
13. Vagabondi delle stelle (R.Marcotulli)
14. Un altro se stesso (Fresu / Romano)
15. Versilia (Luca Flores)

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