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VVJ 143 - Luigi Viva e Luigi Masciari - Viva De Andrè (eng)

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VVJ 143 - Luigi Viva e Luigi Masciari - Viva De Andrè (eng) In evidenza

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Luigi Viva e Luigi Masciari 
Viva De Andrè Play


Luigi Masciari electric guitar

Francesco Bearzatti tenor sax, clarinet 

Alfredo Paixão bass

Pietro Iodice drums

Giampiero Locatelli piano   


Special Guest: 

Luigi Viva (voice on track #10)

Giulio Carmassi (trumpet, sax, hammond, vibraphone on tracks # 1, 3, 7, 9)

Michael League (bass, Oud on track # 5)


VVJ 143 - Prodotto da Via Veneto Jazz e Jando Music

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Press release

This album contains the music of the concert-tale “Viva / De André “ staged in some of the most important jazz festivals (Umbria Jazz Winter, Südtirol Jazz Festival, Ascona Jazz etc).

On the occasion of the realization of my two books  “Non Per un dio ma Nemmeno per Gioco - Vita di Fabrizio De André e Falegname di Parole - le canzoni e la musica di Fabrizio De André”, I highlighted Fabrizio De André's great passion for jazz.

That's why I decided to re-propose his music in a jazz key, relying on the skill of Luigi Masciari who is the musical director of this project.

A quintet, ours, made up of the best Italian musicians and others, such as Francesco Bearzatti, Giampiero Locatelli, Pietro Iodice, Alfredo Paixão and Luigi Masciari himself. Before entering the room, we received the adhesion of two of the most extraordinary young talents of the current American scene: Giulio Carmassi, known for having been part of the Pat Metheny Unity Group and Michael League leader of Snarky Puppy, as well as winner of four Grammys Award. 

Luigi Viva 



Tracklist of "Viva De Andrè": 10 Tracks

01. Valzer per un Amore (G. Marinuzzi/F. De André)
02. Crêuza de Mä (F. De André/M. Pagani)
03. Il Pescatore (F. De André/G.P. Reverberi/F. Zauli/F. De André)
04. La Canzone di Marinella (Fabrizio De André)
05. Mégu Megún (F.De André/M.Pagani/F.De André/I.Fossati)
06. La Città Vecchia (dedicated to Lyle Mays) (F. De André)
07. Il Bombarolo (F. De André/N. Piovani/F. De André/G. Bentivoglio)
08. La Guerra di Piero (F. De André)
09. Canzone dell’Amore Perduto (F. De André)
10. Fabrizio/La Città Vecchia (2nd take) (F. De André)

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