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VVJ 124 - TanoTrio Feat. Leo Genovese - Close but Far (eng)

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VVJ 124 - TanoTrio Feat. Leo Genovese - Close but Far (eng)

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TanoTrio Feat. Leo Genovese 
Close but Far  Play


Leo Genovese - piano

Daniele Germani - alto sax

Stefano Battaglia - double bass

Juan Chiavassa - drums


VVJ 124 - Prodotto da Via Veneto Jazz e Jando Music

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Press release

"This music makes me happy. I smiled all the way through. There is a lot to be happy and smile about here. Listen and hear for yourself: This band will make you happy and get you smiling too. Thank you guys." Hal Crook   Italy - Argentina - New York: Close but Far. 

How do traditions travel among space and time? What defines the collective consciousness of a culture? How do elements that are so far away in reality, become so close in different dimensions? This record is the product of the union of a shared language that exists in two cultures that are geographicaly far away from each other and living under different contexts, but at the same they are so close. 

Daniele Germani (Sax) and Stefano Battaglia (Bass) are the two musicians from Italy. Leo Genovese (piano) and Juan Chiavassa (drums) are the two musicians from Argentina. Leo and Juan come from Italian families in Argentina. One could argue that Argentina’s mother country is Spain, but the culture there is very much influenced by the Italian heritage coming from the immigration movements of the past two centuries. So when the two Italians and the two Argentines met in New York, they found out that they actually share a language other than the speaking language, and other than music. They felt like brothers.   

Close but Far is a story about immigration, the people who take the chance and leave things behind only to become nomads in search of new experiences and new sounds. These four musicians who come from similar backgrounds in different parts of the world, gathered in New York City to record this album. The chemistry between all the elements that come into play makes this musical experience unique.



Tracklist of "Close but Far": 11 Tracks

01. Intro Back (S. Battaglia)
02. Controfatto (D. Germani)
03. Tutti Li Fiochi  (J. Chiavassa)
04. Ask Me Now (T. Monk) 
05. I’m Close but Far
 (D. Germani)
06. Jayne (O. Coleman)
07. Interlude Clearway 28 (D. Germani)
08. Clearway 28
 (D. Germani)
09. Back
 (S. Battaglia)
10. Tomma’s Blues
 (S. Battaglia)
11. The Tune 
(J. Chiavassa)

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