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VVJ 108 - Lorenzo Tucci - Sparkle (eng)

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VVJ 108 - Lorenzo Tucci - Sparkle (eng)

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Lorenzo Tucci 
Sparkle  Play


Luca Mannutza - piano 
Luca Fattorini 
- double bass 
Lorenzo Tucci 
- drums

Flavio Boltro - trumpet 
Karima - Voice (E po' che fa')


VVJ 108 - Prodotto da Via Veneto Jazz e Jando Music

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Press release

Sparkle, is scheduled for release in April 2016 and is the eighth album of one of the most acclaimed drummers on the Italian and international jazz scene: Lorenzo Tucci. The album contains eight of Tucci’s original compositions and two  songs paying tribute to great legends in the world of music: Sting and Pino Daniele. Beyond displaying technical mastery, this album reveals Tucci’s style and flair, his creativity as a composer, his recognizable individual genre, and his ability to perform with precision and a fiery modern-edge blend that has been making waves in the contemporary jazz scene.  Most of his themes aren’t based on traditional jazz standards, but are shaped into brief suites, launching off into neatly contrived ideas.  

This is where jazz’s rhythmic, melodic and harmonic conventions unexpectedly expand to unfold a new space, making SPARKLE  a truly innovative, contemporary jazz masterpiece. Renowned pianist Luca Mannutza together with the notably young yet  acclaimed double bassist,  Luca Fattorini, weave  refined and interesting textures that fit seamlessly into the musical interlace, creating truly fresh-sounding atmospheres. Veteran Italian trumpeter Flavio Boltro  imbues the music with intensity and emotional strength, thanks to his dynamically sensitive playing and versatility.

The title track, Sparkle Suite, is a three part song - a form which characterizes the entire album. So One, a  song in 5/4 time, is catchy and upbeat in a fresh and unpredictable way. Past and Grow are original tracks nestled on the outermost edge of jazz creativity. Two Years reveals a strong and creative melodic approach, with rhythmic inventiveness.  The suggestive, slow Bossa Nova track,  L&L, carries a sense of mellow seduction and fluidity where Mannutza and Boltro spin out their technically advanced virtuosity.  Keep Calm, is a song having a groovy, laid-back feel with linear drumming and polyrhythms almost evocating an auditory illusion.  In the last unreleased track, Tarì, inspired by a real yet ethereal location, Tucci creates a sound which is apparently simple, yet of great harmonic complexity.  

The tribute songs to Pino Daniele and Sting have been trasformed into true jazz standards of rare beauty: the first, E po' che fa’, is embellished by Karima’s intimate, sultry voice, while Seven Days is performed in trio with Tucci, Mannutza and Fattorini re-inhabiting Sting’s beautiful song in a heartfelt tribute to the great artist.



Tracklist of "Sparkle": 10 Tracks

01 Sparkle Suite  (Lorenzo Tucci)

02 Past (Lorenzo Tucci)  

03 So One (Lorenzo Tucci)

04 Grow  (Lorenzo Tucci)

05 Keep Calm (Lorenzo Tucci)

06 L & L (A. Sorgini)

07 Two Years (Lorenzo Tucci)

08 Seven Days (Sting)

09 Tarì (Lorenzo Tucci)

10 E po’ che fa' (Pino Daniele)

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