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VVJ 112 - Rosario Bonaccorso - A Beautiful Story (eng)

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VVJ 112 - Rosario Bonaccorso - A Beautiful Story (eng)

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Rosario Bonaccorso 
A Beautiful Story  Play


Rosario Bonaccorso - doublebass 
Dino Rubino 
- flugelhorn 
Enrico Zanisi 
- piano  
Alessandro Paternesi 
- drums 


VVJ 112 - Prodotto da Via Veneto Jazz e Jando Music

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Press release

"A Beautiful Story" is the title of the new album by Rosario Bonaccorso.

After the last album released in 2015, "Viaggiando", Rosario Bonaccorso has continued enriching and expanding his musical pathway and evolving his ideas as band leader and composer.

After the first hearing of the album, his twelve outstanding compositions in "A Beautiful Story", immediately enchant the listener with their beauty and depth.  

Once again, his music is smooth and powerful, and the listener is swept away into an overpowering yet refined, intimate universe.

In this new album the double bassist is joined by a group of acclaimed musicians: his friend Dino Rubino on the flugelhorn, Enrico Zanisi on the piano and  Alessandro Paternesi  on the drums.  

These young "lions" widely appreciated by critics and audiences on both  Italian and European jazz scenes, are sensitive and mature artists and despite their young age they boast of a rich variety of noteworthy collaborations and experiences.

There’s a particular charm in the musical direction and in the refined sound of this quartet, where  the Italian flair for writing music is manifest and Rosario Bonaccorso represents this at its finest.

With "A Beautiful Story" Rosario Bonaccorso allures the listener into a sonic journey filling heart and soul, radiating the myriad of emotions in his music.



Tracklist of "A Beautiful Story": 12 Tracks

01 A Beautiful Story (Rosario Bonaccorso) 

02 Come l’Acqua tra le dita (Rosario Bonaccorso)

03 Der Walfish (Rosario Bonaccorso)

04 Duccidu (Rosario Bonaccorso)

05 My Italian Art of Jazz (Rosario Giuliani)

06 This is for You (Rosario Bonaccorso)

07 Storia di una Farfalla (Rosario Bonaccorso)

08 Minus One (Rosario Bonaccorso)

09 Tango per Pablo (Rosario Bonaccorso)

10 Lulu’ e la Luna (Rosario Bonaccorso)

11 Freddie (Rosario Bonaccorso)

12 You Me Nobody Else (Rosario Bonaccorso)

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