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VVJ 148 - Claudio Giambruno - Overseas (eng)

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VVJ 148 - Claudio Giambruno - Overseas (eng)

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Claudio Giambruno
Overseas Play


Claudio Giambruno Sax Tenore

Andrea Rea Pianoforte

Dario Rosciglione Contrabbasso

Amedeo Ariano Batteria



VVJ 148 - Prodotto da Via Veneto Jazz

 Logo Via Veneto Jazz  



Press release

Giambruno’s noble intention, at the head of this quartet, is to bring out the magic of the Mediterranean charm - while keeping in the full hard-bop groove - as well as the characteristics of the Italian jazz traditions which the trio of Rea, Rosciglione and Ariano manage to interpret so well. 

The musicians chosen by Claudio Giambruno for this project, a saxophonist with a veracious, elegant and generous phrasing - as well as a warming and pervasive sound - possess precise particularities characterising the leader’s aesthetic taste. As far as the repertoire is concerned, it features a number of original pieces by Giambruno’s lush composing vein as well as jazz classics adapted specifically for this ensemble.

Claudio Giambruno’s “Overseas” 4et represents the sublimation of an evolutionary process of growth and maturity experienced first-hand by the Palermitan saxophonist who, supported by a remarkable trio, aims to ultimately legitimise his artistic career. 



Tracklist of "Overseas": 9 Tracks

1. T1  Lu’s bounce (Dan Nimmer)
2. First time I heard Jobim (C.Giambruno)
3. Gouvy (C. Giambruno)
4. ‘Na voce ‘na chitarra e ‘o poco ‘e luna (Calise - Rossi)
5. Sea Muse (C. Giambruno)
6. You make me feel brand new (Creed - Bell)
7. Thinkin’ before swingin’ (C. Giambruno)
8. Ginza samba (V.Guaraldi)
9. Pure imagination (Bricusse - Newley)

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