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VVJ 113 - Fabio Zeppetella, Emmanuel Bex, Géraldine Laurent, Roberto Gatto - Chansons! (eng)

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VVJ 113 - Fabio Zeppetella, Emmanuel Bex, Géraldine Laurent, Roberto Gatto - Chansons! (eng)

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Fabio Zeppetella, Emmanuel Bex, Géraldine Laurent, Roberto Gatto 
Chansons!  Play


Fabio Zeppetella - guitar 
Emmanuel Bex 
- organ and vocals 
Géraldine Laurent 
- alto sax  
Roberto Gatto 
- drums 


VVJ 113 - Prodotto da Via Veneto Jazz e Jando Music

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Press release

"Chansons!" is a musical conception similar to a diplomatic treaty or melodious embrace between cousins.

Essentially, it’s an innovative exchange between two neighboring worlds that have always eyed and inspired one other with reciprocal curiosity.

Italy and France unite as allies on the musical front, gathering on the field four extraordinary talents: Fabio Zeppetella, Roberto Gatto, Géraldine Laurent and Emmanuel Bex.

This original quartet uniquely interprets eleven songs that best reflect the musical tradition of singer-songwriters belonging to these two countries. Starting from the highly popular jazz composer Bruno Martino, passing through the ever-present De André and De Gregori and arriving to Pino Daniele, another milestone; on the French scene are idols such as Jacques Brel, Leo Ferré, Yves Montand and Joe Dassin. 

The quartet’s interpretation is extraordinary and the songs in "Chansons!" enchant from beginning to end.

While the harmonious complicity of Gatto, Bex and Zeppetella is a well-known fact, the musical fluency added by the involvement of Laurent is unexpected, further enriching this innovative project.



Tracklist of "Chansons!": 11 Tracks

01 E la chiamano estate (Califano-Martino-Zanin)  

02 Bocca di rosa (Fabrizio De André)  

03 Buonanotte fiorellino (Francesco De Gregori)  

04 A me me piace ’o blues (Pino Daniele)  

05 Napule è (Pino Daniele)  

06 Luna rossa (De Crescenzo-Vian)  

07 Avec le temps (Léo Ferré)  

08 C’est si bon (Betti-Hornez)  

09 L’été indien (Joe Dassin)  

10 Le temps des cerises (Clément-Renard)  

11 Le bon dieu (Jacques Brel)  

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