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VVJ 147 - Cristina Renzetti, Tatiana Valle - As Madalenas (eng)

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VVJ 147 - Cristina Renzetti, Tatiana Valle - As Madalenas (eng)

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Cristina Renzetti, Tatiana Valle
As Madalenas Play


Cristina Renzetti voce

Tatiana Valle voce, pandeiro (tr. 10)

Ferruccio Spinetti contrabbasso, basso elettrico

Roberto Taufic chitarre, viola caipira 

Bruno Marcozzi batteria, percussioni


Gabriele Mirabassi (tr. 5, 6)

Giancarlo Bianchetti (tr. 3, 7, 8, 11, 13)

Giovanni Ceccarelli (tr.3)



VVJ 147 - Prodotto da Via Veneto Jazz e Jando Music

 Logo Via Veneto Jazz  Logo Jandomusic



Press release

Among the most active interpreters of Brazilian music in Italy, the two singer-songwriters met in 2013 to combine their voices, guitars, percussions and give life to this unique project, full of freshness and intensity.

With hundreds of active concerts, their first album "Madeleine" arrives in 2015 and positively surprises audiences and critics. For some magazines "one of the best Brazilian records of the year". O Globo (Brazil) wrote: “Pure harmony!”. Album of the week for Fahreneit (Rai Radio3). In their second work "Vai, menina" (2018) the extraordinary guest participation of the great Brazilian composer Guinga stands out, as well as those of the musicians Gabriele Mirabassi, Valentino Corvino, Vince Abbracciante.

They took to the stage of the most important national clubs and festivals including Time In jazz, Crossroads Festival, Ravenna Jazz, Trentino in jazz, Casa del jazz in Rome, Bravo Caffè, Torrione Jazz Club, Piazza Verdi Live (Radio 3), Brasil ( Radio 1)



Tracklist of "As Madalenas": 13 Tracks

01. Todas as coisas (T. Valle)
02. Árvore de família (C. Renzetti / T. Valle)
03. Parto (T. Valle / F. Spinetti)
04. Materia prima (C. Renzetti / T. Valle)
05. Mai (L. Rodriguez / adatt. T. Valle)
06. Rosa Laranja (C. Renzetti / T. Valle)
07. Crocodilo (S. Bersani / adatt. C. Renzetti / T. Valle)
08. Fogo gelo (I.Maccioni / C. Renzetti / T. Valle)
09. Pigro (P. Daniele) 
10. Baião de Lacan (Guinga / A. Blanc)
11. Vem pra roda (T. Valle)
12. Noite de lua (C. Renzetti / T. Valle) 
13. Vecchio amore (C. Renzetti / T. Valle) 

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