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VVJ 106 - Enrico Pieranunzi - My Songbook con Simona Severini (eng)

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VVJ 106 - Enrico Pieranunzi - My Songbook con Simona Severini (eng)

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Enrico Pieranunzi 
My Songbook  Play

con Simona Severini


Simona Severini - vocals
Enrico Pieranunzi
- piano, electric piano, arrangements, vocals (track 11)
Luca Bulgarelli
- bass
Nicola Angelucci
- drums
Rosario Giuliani  
- alto and soprano saxes (tracks 2,8,10)
Francesco Lento
- trumpet (tracks 2, 5)


VVJ 106 - Prodotto da Via Veneto Jazz e Jando Music

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Press release

My songbook and will surely surprise his longtime fans.

The renowned Italian pianist has worked wonders on this engaging album and reveals himself as an ingenious songwriter with a deft technique and a restless imagination.  

The album contains eleven of Pieranunzi’s own compositions, music and lyrics, that flow effortlessly thanks to acclaimed vocalist Simona Severini, who exudes a wonderful sensibility and interplays well with her expressive voice.  

Pieranunzi and Severini started collaborating in 2012, on the occasion of the tribute record to Lucio Dalla and have continued working together since then.

The compositions are artfully arranged by Pieranunzi, in different formations ranging from duo to sextet, with an astonishing range of expression that shows off the quality of the musicians involved, among Italy’s best-known jazz players (Luca Bulgarelli, Nicola Angelucci and two guests Rosario Giuliani and Francesco Lento).  

My songbook is a fascinating listen with lyrical eloquence.



Tracklist of "My Songbook": 11 Tracks

01 My heart in a song  (E.Pieranunzi - S.Duran)

02 Night bird  (E.Pieranunzi - D.Morrish)  

03 Fairy flowers  (E.Pieranunzi - J.Goell)

04 Coralie  (E.Pieranunzi - A.Zawadzki)

05 Soft journey  (E.Pieranunzi - J.Goell)

06 Premier moment  (J.Risset - E.Pieranunzi)

07 Where I never was  (E.Pieranunzi)

08 Reasons why  (L.Hughes - E.Pieranunzi)

09  Just a song  (E.Pieranunzi)

10 Io non saprò mai perché  (E.Pieranunzi)

11 Non posso sognarti come sei  (E.Pieranunzi)

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