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english version http://www.viavenetojazz.it Fri, 28 Jan 2022 20:14:16 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management it-it VVJ 139 - Lorenzo Tucci - Happy End (eng) http://www.viavenetojazz.it/latest-releases/item/207-vvj-139-lorenzo-tucci-happy-end-eng http://www.viavenetojazz.it/latest-releases/item/207-vvj-139-lorenzo-tucci-happy-end-eng VVJ 139 - Lorenzo Tucci - Happy End (eng)

Lorenzo Tucci 
Happy End Play


Lorenzo Tucci drums

Claudio Filippini piano

Jacopo Ferrazza bass



VVJ 139 - Prodotto da Via Veneto Jazz e Jando Music

 Logo Via Veneto Jazz  Logo Jandomusic



Press release

"Happy End" is the new album by drummer and composer Lorenzo Tucci, one of the best known and most requested Italian drummers. His eclecticism and enormous talent have allowed him to become the inevitable partner of numerous jazz stars Lot of successful records of him: Touch, Sparkle, Tranety, Drumonk, Lunar, Drumpet (just to name a few) projects in which he demonstrates the ability to express himself in very different formations.

Tucci together with Fabrizio Bosso and Daniele Scannapieco was the founder of the "High Five quintet" considered for years the best Italian jazz formation, to their credit six CDs including a live recorded at the Blue Note in Tokyo, one of the temples of world jazz.

With the High Five quintet in 2006 they recorded “Handful of soul” with the star of Soul / Jazz: Mario Biondi, almost 1 million copies sold all over the world.

Over the years he has collaborated with numerous artists of the caliber of Phil Woods, Tony Scott, Ronnie Cuber, George Garzone, Mark Turner, Tim Warfield, Emmanuel Bex, Kirk Lightsey, George Cables, Joanne Brakeen, Fabrizio Bosso, Massimo Urbani, Danilo Rea, Enrico Pieranunzi, Flavio Boltro, George Cable, Giovanni Tommaso, Mario Biondi, Max Ionata, Maurizio Giammarco, Karima, Stefano Di Battista, Dado Moroni, Rosario Giuliani, Daniele Scannapieco, Ada Montellanico, Nicola Conte, and many others. 



Tracklist of "Happy End": 8 Tracks

01. G1. Tutto (Lorenzo Tucci)     
02. Afrodolce (Lorenzo Tucci)     
03. Grow (Lorenzo Tucci)      
04. Kenzia (Lorenzo Tucci)     
05. Andrà Bene (Lorenzo Tucci)      
06. Happy End (Lorenzo Tucci)      
07. Lu Piante de le Foje  (C. De Titta/G.Albanese)
08. Pandaguru (Lorenzo Tucci)

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VVJ 137 - Maria Pia De Vito - Dreamers (eng) http://www.viavenetojazz.it/latest-releases/item/204-vvj-137-maria-pia-de-vito-dreamers-eng http://www.viavenetojazz.it/latest-releases/item/204-vvj-137-maria-pia-de-vito-dreamers-eng VVJ 137 - Maria Pia De Vito - Dreamers (eng)

Maria Pia De Vito 
Dreamers Play


Maria Pia De Vito voice

Julian Oliver Mazzariello piano

Enzo Pietropaoli contrabbasso

Alessandro Paternesi batteria 

feat. Roberto Cecchetto guitars on #2


VVJ 137 - Prodotto da Via Veneto Jazz e Jando Music

 Logo Via Veneto Jazz  Logo Jandomusic



Press release

DDREAMERS, Maria Pia De Vito’s latest album , is a collection of works by songwriter icons Paul Simon, David Crosby, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits and my beloved Joni Mitchell. Poets, lucid dreamers and social activists who, from the sixties onwards, have created timeless masterpieces of refined beauty, elevated by piercingly sincere poetic lyrics that embody the spirit of their time.   

These songs look backward and forward. Their impact didn’t only dominate a historical moment but continues to be relevant to today’s generation. Disarmingly, they reveal intimate feelings and experiences that powerfully resonate with the listener, the lyrics are a poignant criticism of politics and society, challenging the status-quo and unlocking minds to new philosophies and life views. They leave hope for change and inspire to build a better world: a just one. 

From the portrait of an island of peace as opposed to answering the call to arms in Vietnam - in David Crosby’s “The Lee Shore”, the soulmate in a dream Bob Dylan searches for in Simple Twist of Fate or “Carey“ by Joni Mitchell, criticizing the hypocrisy of society (BE cool by J.Mitchell), social injustice (Chinese Cafè (Mitchell) Questions for the angels), or the unscrupulousness of political power (Pigs sheep and wolves), to a song about compassion and empathy such as Rainbow Sleeves by Tom Waits.   

Today, more than ever, we need this kind of “poetic justice” from the arts, as a lighthouse for clarity and freedom to participate.” (Maria Pia De Vito). 



Tracklist of "Dreamers": 9 Tracks

01. Pig, Sheep And Wolves (Paul Simon)
02. The Lee Shore (David Crosby)
03. Simple Twist Of Fate (Bob Dylan)
04. Questions For The Angels (Paul Simon)
05. Be Cool (Joni Mitchell)
06. Chinese Café (Joni Mitchell)
07. Carey (Joni Mitchell)
08. Time They Are A-Changing (Bob Dylan)
09. Rainbow Sleeves (Tom Waits)

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VVJ 136 - Fabiana Rosciglione - Remembering (eng) http://www.viavenetojazz.it/latest-releases/item/202-vvj-136-fabiana-rosciglione-remembering-eng http://www.viavenetojazz.it/latest-releases/item/202-vvj-136-fabiana-rosciglione-remembering-eng VVJ 136 - Fabiana Rosciglione - Remembering (eng)

Fabiana Rosciglione 
Remembering Play


Fabiana Rosciglione Vocal

Giacomo Anselmi Ac. Guitar

Dario Rosciglione Double Bass

Marcello Di Leonardo Drums

Giorgio Rosciglione Double Bass on tracks 03-05-11

Enrico Solazzo Piano

Paolo Recchia Alto & Soprano Sax on tracks 01-06

Fabien Mary Trumpet on track 08

Domenico Sanna Piano on track 05

Shadow Orchestra By Enrico Solazzo 


VVJ 136 - Prodotto da Via Veneto Jazz

 Logo Via Veneto Jazz   



Press release

Remembering è un album che raccoglie alcune delle canzoni più belle della storia della musica di tutto il mondo.

Brani celebri e indimenticabili, da Bacarach a Charlie Chaplin, da Jobim ai Beatles, melodie rivisitate con pathos e ricercatezza, grazie agli arrangiamenti originali di Enrico Solazzo.

Fabiana ripercorre queste memorie musicali con la sua voce dal timbro caldo e delicato, con uno stile elegante e internazionale. 

Canzoni francesi, brasiliane, americane, sorrette da un'orchestra potente e raffinata. 

Remembering è uno scrigno di ricordi in forma musicale.  Un album, già classico tra i classici, destinato a restare. 



Tracklist of "Remembering": 12 Tracks

01. Aguas De Março 
02. Besame Mucho 
03. Brucia La Terra
04. Comme d’habitude
05. Smile
06. I’ll Never Fall In Love Again 
07. Perfidia 
08. O Que Serà
09. Dolce Mistero 
10. Isn’t She Lovely
11. Quando Quando Quando
12. Come Together

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VVJ 135 - Gegè Telesforo - Il mondo in testa (eng) http://www.viavenetojazz.it/latest-releases/item/200-vvj-135-gege-telesforo-il-mondo-in-testa-eng http://www.viavenetojazz.it/latest-releases/item/200-vvj-135-gege-telesforo-il-mondo-in-testa-eng VVJ 135 - Gegè Telesforo - Il mondo in testa (eng)

Gegè Telesforo 
Il mondo in testa Play


Gegè Telesforo voce-vocoder-percussioni-batteria-tastiere-pianoforte (9) 

Daniela Spalletta - voce-cori (1-2-7) arrangiamento voci (1) 

Lello Analfino voce (2) 

Ainé voce-cori (4) 

Simona Severini voce (6) cori (2) 

Pasquale Strizzi tastiere-pianoforte-elettronica-percussioni 

Dario Deidda basso elettrico 

Christian Mascetta chitarre-ukulele 

Michele Santoleri batteria

Peppe Sannino percussioni (2) 

Max Ionata sax tenore (3) 

Alfonso Deidda sax alto-flauto (4-7) 

Domenico Sanna pianoforte (5-7-8) 

Seby Burgio pianoforte-tastiere-basso synth (6) 


VVJ 135 - Prodotto da Via Veneto Jazz e Jando Music

 Logo Via Veneto Jazz  Logo Jandomusic  



Press release

Singer; instrumentalist; composer; music producer; A&R Groove Master Edition; UNICEF Good Will Ambassador; but also a journalist, a television and radio personality, GeGè Telesforo represents a multifaceted professional figure, the best example of the current jazz tradition in Italy. 

GeGè’s artistic endeavors began 40 years ago as drummer and jazz singer, when his incredible talent was discovered by the Italian media celebrity Renzo Arbore. Over the years, he has developed his own personal style of “scat” singing, renewing a particular form of vocal improvisation almost forgotten abroad and which has never existed in Italy. 

Since the mid 80′s, GeGè has brought together the best musicians from the Italian Jazz and R&B scene (Roberto Gatto, Danilo Rea, Antonio Faraò, Stefano Di Battista, Enzo Pietropaoli, Rita Marcotulli, Dario and Alfonso Deidda, Max Ionata, Giorgia Todrani, Marco Rinalduzzi, Marco Tamburini, Amedeo Ariano, Rossana Casale, Agostino Marangolo, Francesco Puglisi, Fabio Zeppetella, Marcello Surace, Alex Gwiss, Marco Siniscalco, Max Bottini, Rocco Zifarelli, Julian Oliver Mazzariello, Mia Cooper,….), performing with them a renewal of old jazz standards and his original compositions using breathtaking arrangements and moving harmonies. 

In the ‘90s , thanks to his association with Ben Sidran, pianist, singer, writer and producer, GeGè recorded for Go Jazz Records in important studios (Skyline-NYNY; Paisley Park-Minneapolis;….) with the most recognized international musicians, and his undisputed talent has been exported around the world whilst playing with The Go Jazz All Stars, and performing with such Jazz/Funk “Masters” as Jon Hendricks, Dizzy Gillespie, Clark Terry, Tony Scott, DeeDee Bridgewater, Phil Woods, Bob Malach, Georgie Fame, Clyde Stubblefield, Mike Mainieri, Bob Rockwell, Richard Davis, Phil Upchurch, Ricky Peterson, Frank McComb, Alan Hampton, Sachal Vasandani, Joanna Teters……   

Back in Italy, with leading bands such as PureFunkLive, Groovinators, So Cool 5tet, GeGè Telesforo has focused his musical evolution on his original jazz- funk vocal style, in which jazz elements come together with his terrific scat improvisations to form a rigorous and unmistakable rhythm dominated by groove. He has produced several albums for his indipendent label -Groove Master Edition- and recorded 11 albums as an Artist and Composer. 

Gege Telesforo is currently experiencing a particularly happy period in his career. Winning the Jazzit Award 2010/2011/2012/2013/2014/2015/2016/2017/2018, as Best Male Vocalist, crowns an important moment marked by the release of successful CDs such as "SO COOL" (GrooveMasterEdition/EGEA 2010) "NU JOY" (COLUMBIA RECORDS /SONY MUSIC 2012), “FUN SLOW RIDE” (SAM Records/Ropeadope 2016), and an incredible number of prestigious concerts, including his appearance at The Shanghai World Expo Exhibition for "The Best of Italian Jazz in Shangai" with his quintet, representing Italian art and culture on the world billboard with Stefano Bollani, Danilo Rea, Paolo Fresu, Roberto Gatto, .... 

As a teacher of singing and vocal improvisation, GeGè brings his "Vocal Jazz Concept" to prestigious music schools, Conservatories, and Jazz Festivals in Italy and abroad. Since September 2012, GeGè has been teaching Vocal Jazz and Improvisation at the Venice Voice Academy in Los Angeles (California-USA). 

GeGè was appointed Good Will Ambassador of UNICEF Italy May 23 2015 for his artistic commitment to all the "Children in Danger", one of the most significant UNICEF campaigns. He’s the inventor and developer of the project SoundzForChildren, aimed at the removal of all socio-cultural obstacles that prevent a harmonious mental and physical development of children.   

“When I first heard Gegè on The International Doc Club, the television show he hosted in Rome, I said to myself, ‘Self, this is one bad motorcycle!’ That opinion has not changed, nor will it ever. Gegè is bad. He’s good too, of course, but he’s better than good. He’s BAD! When you hear him, you know you’re listening to a soul that’s on the inside singing out, not on the outside looking in. This ain’t no cat trying to git it”. Jon Hendricks. 



Tracklist of "Il mondo in testa": 9 Tracks

01. LA RELIGIONE DELL’UNIVERSO Eugenio Telesforo-Daniela Spalletta
02. IL MONDO IN TESTA Eugenio Telesforo-Giuseppe Sannino-Lello Analfino
03. SENTIERI ARDITI Eugenio Telesforo
04. GENETICA DELL’AMORE Eugenio Telesforo-Pasquale Strizzi-Arnaldo Santoro
05. CANCIÓN PARA SARA Sergio Aranda
06. MILLE PETALI Eugenio Telesforo-Seby Burgio-Simona Severini
07. NOMMO Jymie Merritt
08. TIME TAI CHI Enrico Intra
09. LA RELIGIONE DELL’UNIVERSO (piano demo) Eugenio Telesforo-Daniela Spalletta

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VVJ 134 - Roberto Cecchetto - Humanity (eng) http://www.viavenetojazz.it/latest-releases/item/198-vvj-134-roberto-cecchetto-humanity-eng http://www.viavenetojazz.it/latest-releases/item/198-vvj-134-roberto-cecchetto-humanity-eng VVJ 134 - Roberto Cecchetto - Humanity (eng)

Roberto Cecchetto 
Humanity Play


Roberto Cecchetto - guitar, live electronics

Lionel Loueke - 7-strings classical guitar, voice

Alessandro Paternesi - drums, percussions 


VVJ 134 - Prodotto da Via Veneto Jazz e Jando Music

 Logo Via Veneto Jazz  Logo Jandomusic



Press release

HUMANITY is the newest album by Roberto Cecchetto, one the most original and eclectic guitarists on the European jazz scene, member of Enrico Rava’s  historic "Electric Five" band, renowned for his sonic experimentation and collaborations with the most important musicians in European jazz (Palle Danielsson, Richard Galliano, Paolo Fresu, Stefano Bollani, Paolino Dalla Porta, Lee Konitz, to name a few.)

Cecchetto pairs with Lionel Loueke on guitar and Alessandro Paternesi on drums, weaving together rich and creative sonic textures into refined and genre-defying compositions. Soft melodic combinations and a rich harmonic palette are characteristic of Cecchetto’s musical creations. An innovative guitar virtuoso and composer of West African origin, Loueke is member of the legendary Herbie Hancock touring band and has performed with leading figures of contemporary jazz. Loueke is one of the most in demand studio guitarists by world jazz gurus such as Wayne Shorter, Marcus Miller, Roy Hargrove, and Charlie Haden.

Lionel Loueke and Roberto Cecchetto first met in the Big Apple, an encounter which represented both an artistic and personal milestone. "After playing with Roberto in New York, I quickly realized that no musical territory was forbidden”, says Loueke, “Our musical connection is evident and our styles are complementary, with a unique balance and interplay between our instruments. I can’t wait to start our first tour together".   

Two well-matched and extraordinary guitarists with different experiences yet highly attuned to each other. United by a similar outlook, a strong passion, and curiosity for new horizons. Their first performance had been so mind-blowing that they resolved to take up this new duo project.

Joining them is drummer Alessandro Paternesi who has been performing for over a decade and is one of the most highly sought-after Italian drummers. His intense concert activity has led him to perform together with internationally respected artists,  including Amil Stewart, Danilo Rea, Paolo Damiani, Gabriele Mirabassi, Javier Girotto, Fabio Zeppetella, Andrea Bocelli, Enzo Pietropaoli, Ada Montellanico, Franco Cerri. 



Tracklist of "Humanity": 8 Tracks

01. Faces
02. Humanity
03. Are you ready?
04. Camille
05. Life process
06. Visions
07. Origin
08. Step by step

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VVJ 133 - Rosario Giuliani - Love in translation (eng) http://www.viavenetojazz.it/latest-releases/item/196-vvj-133-rosario-giuliani-love-in-translation-eng http://www.viavenetojazz.it/latest-releases/item/196-vvj-133-rosario-giuliani-love-in-translation-eng VVJ 133 - Rosario Giuliani - Love in translation (eng)

Rosario Giuliani 
Love in translation Play


Rosario Giuliani - alto and soprano sax

Joe Locke - vibraphone

Dario Deidda - bass

Roberto Gatto - drums


VVJ 133 - Prodotto da Via Veneto Jazz e Jando Music

 Logo Via Veneto Jazz  Logo Jandomusic



Press release

”Love in Translation” marks the return (under the Jando Music/Via Veneto Jazz label) of an exciting collaboration between two protagonists of the international jazz scene which started twenty years ago at Umbria Jazz: Italian sax player Rosario Giuliani and US vibraphonist Joe Locke. Coming from different countries and with fairly distinct temperaments, these two artists have cultivated a vibrant and colorful musical style and are definitely bringing something new.

They are accompanied by two other renowned artists, bassist Dario Deidda and drummer Roberto Gatto. With this intense and sophisticated album, Rosario and Joe celebrate the twentieth anniversary of their alchemical partnership and friendship. As the album’s title itself suggests, “Love in Translation” is centered around the theme of love -  the most powerful and enigmatic emotion.

Among the famous standards contained are “Duke Ellington’s Sound of Love” by Charles Mingus, “Love Letters” by Victor Young and Edward Heyman, and “Can’t Help Falling in Love” of Elvis Presley’s repertoire. It includes creative and warm original songs as well as tributes to two remarkable musicians: “Raise Heaven” which Joe Locke dedicates to Roy Hargrove and “Tamburo” by Rosario Giuliani to Marco Tamburini. An entrancing, lavish album embodying overwhelming emotions yet with freshness, and which is sure to be a 2020 highlight. 



Tracklist of "Love in translation": 10 Tracks

01. Duke Ellington’s Sound of Love (Charles Mingus) 
02. I Wish You Love (Charles Trenet/Léo Chauliac)
03. Love Letters (Victor Young/Edward Heyman)
04. Love is a Planchette (Joe Locke)
05. I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You (Weiss/Peretti/Creatore)
06. The Hidden Force of Love (Rosario Giuliani)
07. Raise Heaven - to Roy Hargrove (Joe Locke)
08. Love in Translation (Rosario Giuliani)
09. Everything I Love (Cole Porter)
10. Tamburo (Rosario Giuliani)

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VVJ 131 - Israel Varela - The Labyrinth Project (eng) http://www.viavenetojazz.it/latest-releases/item/193-vvj-131-israel-varela-the-labyrinth-project-eng http://www.viavenetojazz.it/latest-releases/item/193-vvj-131-israel-varela-the-labyrinth-project-eng VVJ 131 - Israel Varela - The Labyrinth Project (eng)

Israel Varela 
The Labyrinth Project Play


Israel Varela - drums-voice 

Ben Wendel - tenor sax 

Florian Weber - piano 

Alfredo Paixão - bass 


VVJ 131 - Prodotto da Via Veneto Jazz e Jando Music

 Logo Via Veneto Jazz  Logo Jandomusic



Press release

A labyrinth is an ancient symbol that relates to wholeness. It combines the imagery of the circle and the spiral into a meandering but purposeful path. The Labyrinth represents a journey to our own center and back again out into the world. Labyrinths have long been used as meditation and prayer tools. In this album “The Labyrinth Project” the main purpose of the music is to visit our sacred space and go out from our ego to “that with is within”, a Journey to the center of our deepest self and back out into the world with a branded understanding of who we are. 



Tracklist of "The Labyrinth Project": 8 Tracks

01. Flowing wind
02. Shadow
03. All directions
04. Ascended soul
05. Heliopolis
06. Azul
07. Nueve secretos
08. Cuatro

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VVJ 130 - Doctor 3 - Canto libero (eng) http://www.viavenetojazz.it/latest-releases/item/191-vvj-130-doctor-3-canto-libero-eng http://www.viavenetojazz.it/latest-releases/item/191-vvj-130-doctor-3-canto-libero-eng VVJ 130 - Doctor 3 - Canto libero (eng)

Doctor 3 
Canto libero Play


Danilo Rea - pianoforte

Enzo Pietropaoli - contrabbasso

Fabrizio Sferra - batteria


VVJ 130 - Prodotto da Via Veneto Jazz e Jando Music

 Logo Via Veneto Jazz  Logo Jandomusic



Press release

CANTO LIBERO  is the newest album (Jando Music/Via Veneto Jazz) by the most highly regarded Italian jazz musicians of the last two decades: DANILO REA on piano, ENZO PIETROPAOLI on double bass and FABRIZIO SFERRA on drums.

Their artistic maturity gives them the freedom to interpret and add an original touch to the songs of one of the most influential Italian pop musicians whose influence still lives on: the legendary LUCIO BATTISTI.

His markedly original masterpieces let in ample space to play around with the notes that have captured Italian hearts and souls.  Doctor 3, however, have always been masters of dynamic and fresh transformations with their refined and creative spark, yet careful to maintain the integrity and essence of the original feel, its inimitable identity.

This is a unique gift for those who cherish this singer/songwriter and an unexpected, joyous musical experience for those who aren’t familiar with Battisti. It is impossible not to experience every range of emotion when listening to this album. 



Tracklist of "Canto libero": 13 Tracks

01 Pensieri e parole (Battisti-Mogol)
02 Il mio canto libero (Battisti-Mogol)
03 Perché no (Battisti-Mogol)
04 Doctor 01 (Rea-Pietropaoli-Sferra)
05 Con il nastro rosa (Battisti-Mogol)
06 Il tempo di morire (Battisti-Mogol)
07 Emozioni (Battisti-Mogol)
08 Doctor 02 (Rea-Pietropaoli-Sferra)
09 29 Settembre (Battisti-Mogol)
10 Mi ritorni in mente (Battisti-Mogol)
11 Fiori rosa fiori di pesco (Battisti-Mogol)
12 Doctor 03 (Rea-Pietropaoli-Sferra)
13 Umanamente uomo: il sogno (Battisti)

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VVJ 129 - Rosario Bonaccorso Quartet - A new home (eng) http://www.viavenetojazz.it/latest-releases/item/189-vvj-129-rosario-bonaccorso-quartet-a-new-home-eng http://www.viavenetojazz.it/latest-releases/item/189-vvj-129-rosario-bonaccorso-quartet-a-new-home-eng VVJ 129 - Rosario Bonaccorso Quartet - A new home (eng)

Rosario Bonaccorso Quartet 
A new home  Play


Rosario Bonaccorso - doublebass

Stefano Di Battista - soprano and alto sax (plays on tracks 2,3,9,11)

Fulvio Sigurtà - trumpet and flugelhorn

Enrico Zanisi - piano

Alessandro Paternesi - drums


VVJ 129 - Prodotto da Via Veneto Jazz e Jando Music

 Logo Via Veneto Jazz  Logo Jandomusic



Press release

"A New Home" is where man, spirit and music creatively converged and formed a new starting point. After sixty years of living with music, Bonaccorso’s “new home” provides him with a different, deeper, and more intimate perspective: the result of internal and external renewal, where the changes brought by life were fostered with meditative love of creating. The album’s title, however, also speaks for a phase of life where one heads for the far shore in a search for different experiences, visions and inspiration.     

"Ever since I’ve been living in this "New Home" I’ve been lucky to be able to express my feelings through music in this new album which is a tribute to life – this immense gift that’s been offered to us. "..I wrote this thinking of my present life, my future, of my grandson Lorenzo who’s just landed here from the universe, of my wife Renate, muse and companion on this trip, of my children who grow and face changing horizons, of my new friends with whom I might grow old; and again, taking the time to give new importance to time itself; such as learning how to slow down and take a break…to enjoy a blood moon high up in the summer sky. Because I do believe it’s only by embracing change that a new phase can be reached in one’s life and I just can’t stop thanking music for having allowed me to share all this with others. This "New Home"is quite a remarkable place!"   

The album contains 11 songs written by Bonaccorso and produced by Jando Music and Via Veneto Jazz, as with his other albums: "A Beautiful Story "and "Viaggiando". It’s enriched by the presence of one of the greatest and most widely acclaimed musicians on the international jazz scene, the extraordinary sax player Stefano Di Battista with whom Rosario Bonaccorso, having been part of his bands since 1997, has collaborated for more than two decades.  Stefano Di Battista and Rosario Bonaccorso have played together in hundreds of concerts all over the world, with renowned artists such as Lucio Dalla, Michael Brecker, Joe Lovano, Ivan Lins and have recorded albums for Blue Note with other highly acclaimed jazz stars such as Vince Mendoza, Kenny Barron, Elvin Jones and Herlin Riley.. 



Tracklist of "A new home": 11 Tracks

01. Re and Ro
02. Viva Lorenzo
03. Dubbididibba
04. Ciaramell 
05. Lonely Heart
06. Strange Weather 
07. Crepuscolo
08. Le note del silenzio
09. Luna rossa
10. Waltz for George Sand
11. A New Home

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VVJ 128 - Kevin Hays e Chiara Izzi - Across the sea (eng) http://www.viavenetojazz.it/latest-releases/item/187-vvj-128-kevin-hays-e-chiara-izzi-across-the-sea-eng http://www.viavenetojazz.it/latest-releases/item/187-vvj-128-kevin-hays-e-chiara-izzi-across-the-sea-eng VVJ 128 - Kevin Hays e Chiara Izzi - Across the sea (eng)

Kevin Hays e Chiara Izzi 
Across the sea  Play


Kevin Hays - voce, piano, fender rhodes

Chiara Izzi - voce

Rob Jost - basso e corno inglese

Greg Joseph - batteria  

Omer Avital - oud

Grégoire Maret - armonica

Nir Felder - chitarra

Chris Potter - sax

Rogério Boccato - percussioni


VVJ 128 - Prodotto da Via Veneto Jazz e Jando Music

 Logo Via Veneto Jazz  Logo Jandomusic



Press release

This album is the outcome of an encounter of two musicians so distant and yet so inexorably close. A project where the music is always tangible, not volatile, particularly when born under a bright inspirational sky. Those holding the reins of this visionary journey between jazz and pop, America and Italy, dream and lyricism are, without doubt, the two artists: Chiara, with her warm, mediterranean voice and Kevin, one of the most celebrated and admired pianists and composers on the american jazz scene which can boast pop music distinguished collaborations (James Taylor).

Across the Sea is recorded at the legendary Sear Sound in New York; the   outcome of diligent project work, with the collaboration of several guests such as Omer Avital, Gregoire Maret, Nir Felder, Chris Potter and Rogério Boccato that simply amplify the awareness that this shared journey, so rich and adventurous, began under the best auspices. 

The compelling predominance of melody, the osmosis between vocals and keyboards and the amazing confluence of their singing voices, have sublimated the tasks related to production into subtle finishing touches of a chisel, aromas, invitations and "further" sounds magically converging into the final work. The French horn in the emblematic Two for the Road, the ancestral oud in the classic Miles Davis’ Nardis, the punctual and decisive harmonica in Pat Metheny’s James, the caressing guitar in Circles of the Mind, the sinuous saxophone in Viaggio Elegiaco, are just a few examples.

The world premiere of Across the Sea will take place on February 28, 2019 in a jazz temple: the Birdland of New York City



Tracklist of "Across the sea": 10 Tracks

01. Circles Of The Mind (Chiara Izzi)
02. I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face
(Frederick Loewe - Alan Jay Lerner)
03. James
(Pat Metheny - Kevin Hays)
04. Secret O’ LifE
(James Taylor)
05. Two For The Road
(Henry Mancini - Leslie Bricusse)
06. Across The Sea (Chiara Izzi)
07. Viaggio Elegiaco
(Kevin Hays - Chiara Izzi)
08. Verso Il Mare
(Rosario Bonaccorso - Chiara Izzi)
09. Tierna Nardis
(Miles Davis - Yanina Lombardi)
10. With You I’m Born Again
(David Shire - Carol Connor)

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