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VVJ 141 - Enzo Pietropaoli e Cristina Renzetti - Yatra Songs (eng)

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VVJ 141 - Enzo Pietropaoli e Cristina Renzetti - Yatra Songs (eng)

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Enzo Pietropaoli e Cristina Renzetti 
Yatra Songs Play


Cristina Renzetti voce

Fulvio Sigurtà tromba

Julian Mazzariello piano

Enzo Pietropaoli basso

Alessandro Paternesi batteria


VVJ 141 - Prodotto da Via Veneto Jazz e Jando Music

 Logo Via Veneto Jazz  Logo Jandomusic



Press release

“Yatra Songs” is the new Enzo Pietropaoli Quartet release enhanced with “the song factor” by Cristina Renzetti.   

The album is produced by Jando Music and VVJ and is the ultimate product of a long and successful collaboration since 2011 when “Yatra” was nominated “Best Italian Cd of the Year at the Jazzit Awards”, followed by “Yatra Vol. 2” released in 2013 and “Yatra Vol. 3” in 2015.  “Yatra Quartet” was also nominated “Best Italian Group 2013” according to Musica Jazz magazine. 

The album is composed by ten songs mostly from the previous albums of the Yatra Quartet that Cristina Renzetti has performed with an innovative spirit and with new arrangements. In addition, there is a wonderful “Because” of Beatles and the italian version of  Chico Buarque “Pedro Pedreiro”. 

Cristina Renzetti wrote the lyrics of all original songs except two poems of Matteo Marchesini, an Italian writer. 



Tracklist of "Yatra Songs": 12 Tracks

01. Padre (E.Pietropaoli / C.Renzetti)     
02. Guerreiro de estrelas (E.Pietropaoli / C.Renzetti)     
03. Previsioni del tempo (E.Pietropaoli / M.Marchesini)      
04. Pedro Pedreiro (C.Buarque / G.Calabrese / E.Jannacci)     
05. Trois voix (E.Pietropaoli / C.Renzetti)      
06. Tu lo sai che gli angeli (E.Pietropaoli / C.Renzetti)      
07. Aspetto lunedì (E.Pietropaoli / C.Renzetti)
08. Vera (E.Pietropaoli / C.Renzetti / L.Pasca)
09. Rimini 1998 (E.Pietropaoli / C.Renzetti)
10. La tela (E.Pietropaoli / M.Marchesini)
11. Because (Lennon / McCartney)
12. Ninna nanna dei pesci (E.Pietropaoli / C.Renzetti)

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