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VVJ 094 - Cristina Zavalloni - The soul factor - with Uri Caine (eng)

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VVJ 094 - Cristina Zavalloni - The soul factor - with Uri Caine (eng)

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Cristina Zavalloni
The soul factor icona play
with Uri Caine 

Cristina Zavalloni - vocals 
Uri Caine - piano, rhodes, organ and keyboards
David Gilmore
- guitar
Gene Lake
- drums
Fima Ephron
- electric bass

Special guests:
Ralph Alessi - trumpet
Chris Speed - sax  


VVJ 094 - Prodotto da Via Veneto Jazz e Jando Music

 Logo Via Veneto Jazz  Logo Jandomusic



Press release

Soul music cannot be reduced to mere pre-cooked food for distracted consumers, as often happens outside US. An art form of such noble origin cannot be kneaded the way kids chomp down on caramel. You can’t dream in black when your bone marrow is white. But you can reinvent, flip, eradicate and revive Soul in the best way possible. How? By connecting extraordinarily creative talents, on both sides of the Atlantic. Voices, souls, instruments and hearts - merged to pay tribute to the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin - with no attempt to imitate the original.

We truly hope to have succeeded: there is and will always be one Aretha only. There was however, a vital call for Soul, Jazz, Rock and Psychedelic music. There was the urgent need to cast aside the Black and White clichés and to start from the bottom, from the very essence: the soul - clearly - of this music. We’ve turned it into an atomic cocktail. A mix of unparalleled and inimitable talent: Cristina Zavalloni - the most compelling, venomous, warm and explosive voice that has emerged in Italy in the past several years, Uri Caine - a brilliant creator of sounds, an inventor without boundaries, who has spanned the world of jazz as an insatiable predator. The lyrics are hers, the music is his and the arrangements are by both. In the past, they’ve been known to saunter along together in various directions, but this time they’ve stepped into Soul’s enchanted forest; making Bologna and Philadelphia, their respective hometowns, one sole image reflected in the Ocean.

Renowned rhythm masters such as jazz guitarist Dave Gilmore, soulful bassist Fima Ephron and outstanding, all around drummer Gene Lake, have brought their energy to this creation, along with two top-class jazz musicians: avant-garde jazz trumpeter and composer Ralph Alessi, and clarinetist and tenor saxophonist Chris Speed. All that remains is to listen to "THE SOUL FACTOR” and Play it loud! - as we used to say. It will put a spell on you.



Tracklist of "The soul factor": 12 Tracks

01 Tough Girls (Caine - Zavalloni)

02 Olympus (Caine - Zavalloni)

03 For You (Caine - Zavalloni)

04 Dear Presences (Band Version) (Caine - Zavalloni)

05 Dear Presences (Band Version) (Caine - Zavalloni)

06 Little Monsters (Caine - Zavalloni)

07 Aretha’s Song (Caine - Zavalloni)

08 Hated Woman (Caine - Zavalloni)

09 A Natural Woman (Goffin - King - Wexler)

10 That Day (Caine - Zavalloni)

11 Simplicius (Caine - Zavalloni)

12 Dear Presences (Duo Version) (Caine - Zavalloni)

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