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VVJ 137 - Maria Pia De Vito - Dreamers (eng)

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VVJ 137 - Maria Pia De Vito - Dreamers (eng)

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Maria Pia De Vito 
Dreamers Play


Maria Pia De Vito voice

Julian Oliver Mazzariello piano

Enzo Pietropaoli contrabbasso

Alessandro Paternesi batteria 

feat. Roberto Cecchetto guitars on #2


VVJ 137 - Prodotto da Via Veneto Jazz e Jando Music

 Logo Via Veneto Jazz  Logo Jandomusic



Press release

DDREAMERS, Maria Pia De Vito’s latest album , is a collection of works by songwriter icons Paul Simon, David Crosby, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits and my beloved Joni Mitchell. Poets, lucid dreamers and social activists who, from the sixties onwards, have created timeless masterpieces of refined beauty, elevated by piercingly sincere poetic lyrics that embody the spirit of their time.   

These songs look backward and forward. Their impact didn’t only dominate a historical moment but continues to be relevant to today’s generation. Disarmingly, they reveal intimate feelings and experiences that powerfully resonate with the listener, the lyrics are a poignant criticism of politics and society, challenging the status-quo and unlocking minds to new philosophies and life views. They leave hope for change and inspire to build a better world: a just one. 

From the portrait of an island of peace as opposed to answering the call to arms in Vietnam - in David Crosby’s “The Lee Shore”, the soulmate in a dream Bob Dylan searches for in Simple Twist of Fate or “Carey“ by Joni Mitchell, criticizing the hypocrisy of society (BE cool by J.Mitchell), social injustice (Chinese Cafè (Mitchell) Questions for the angels), or the unscrupulousness of political power (Pigs sheep and wolves), to a song about compassion and empathy such as Rainbow Sleeves by Tom Waits.   

Today, more than ever, we need this kind of “poetic justice” from the arts, as a lighthouse for clarity and freedom to participate.” (Maria Pia De Vito). 



Tracklist of "Dreamers": 9 Tracks

01. Pig, Sheep And Wolves (Paul Simon)
02. The Lee Shore (David Crosby)
03. Simple Twist Of Fate (Bob Dylan)
04. Questions For The Angels (Paul Simon)
05. Be Cool (Joni Mitchell)
06. Chinese Café (Joni Mitchell)
07. Carey (Joni Mitchell)
08. Time They Are A-Changing (Bob Dylan)
09. Rainbow Sleeves (Tom Waits)

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