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VVJ 118 - Jano - The Place Between Things (eng)

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VVJ 118 - Jano - The Place Between Things (eng)

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The Place Between Things  Play


Emiliano D'Auria - piano, rhodes, elettronica
Alessia Martegiani
- vocals  
Massimo Morganti
- trombone  
Giulio Spinozzi
- tromba, flicorno  
Gianluca Caporale
- tenor sax, sop, flauto, clarinet  
Maurizio Rolli
- bass
Alex Paolini
- batteria, elettronica  
Linda Valori
- special guest on track #7


VVJ 118 - Prodotto da Via Veneto Jazz

 Logo Via Veneto Jazz 



Press release

The third album has to be confirmed and the Jano, widening the number of musicians involved, gives it. "The Space Between Things" resumes the electrophonic, rarefictional and visionary sonorities of the previous two albums, but expands the musical proposal into enthralling and elegant melodies, entrusted mainly to the splendid voice of Alessia Martegiani.

The arrangements clearly showcase the collective plot, they are innervated by soul, expanding in noir appeal, delighted in bushy, well-crafted textures, interact effectively with inserts of words recited. The nature of concept-album sets each track as a stage in the search for unexplored spaces between things, but escapes the risk of rigidly limiting the evocative capacity of the sounds.

Emiliano D'Auria (piano, rhodes, electronics) is the composer and arranger of all the songs. In addition to Alessia Martegiani (voice), he has also collaborated with Gianluca Caporale (Saxophone / Clarinet, Flute), Massimo Morganti (trombone), Alex Paolini (drums, electronics), Maurizio Rolli (electric bass), Giulio Spinozzi (trumpet, flicorno) and sound engineer Anthony Di Furia.

The result is an album that can also open spaces between jazz and jazz styles to let us experience emotions and air of contemporary sound.



Tracklist of "The Place Between Things": 9 Tracks

01 Hidden Corners (E.D’Auria)
02 Outstanding View (E.D’Auria)
03 No One’s Like You
04 The Place Between Things
05 Trokkien Pat
(E.D’Auria - A.Martegiani)
06 Opus #1
07 Hurry Up, With Pain, Henry
(E.D’Auria - L.Valori)
08 The Tree Of The Bags
(E.D’Auria - A.Martegiani)
09 Left In Pause

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