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VVJ 117 - Enzo Pietropaoli - The Princess (eng)

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VVJ 117 - Enzo Pietropaoli - The Princess (eng)

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Enzo Pietropaoli 
The Princess  Play


Enzo Pietropaoli - contrabbasso
Julian Mazzariello - piano
Alessandro Paternesi - batteria


VVJ 117 - Prodotto da Via Veneto Jazz e Jando Music

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Press release

Enzo Pietropaoli premieres his new album THE PRINCESS (Jando Music/Via Veneto Jazz) at Rome's Auditorium Parco della Musica.  A crescendo of songs that testify to the wide range of musical passions throughout a lifetime: from John Lennon to Bob Dylan, Cole Porter to Peter Gabriel, from Neil Young to Pearl Jam, topped off with the Beach Boys - all brought together and punctuated by Pietropaoli's original compositions. 

"The Princess" is among these - a metaphor for a dream pursued with determination and fully realized. Pietropaoli's deeply-felt love for the piano-trio is made evident by the creation of a solemn yet ethereal atmosphere, oscillating between ancient and young in a place beyond space and time, underscored by the choice of the song's title.

Enzo Pietropaoli, at the double bass, is flanked by two extraordinary musicians: Julian Oliver Mazzariello on the piano and Alessandro Paternesi on drums, both of which  contribute to an atmosphere which is simultaneously penetrating, delicate and lush.



Tracklist of "The Princess": 10 Tracks

01 Jealous Guy (John Lennon)
02 A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall
(Bob Dylan)
03 Night And Day
(Cole Porter)
04 Scaleno Beat
(Enzo Pietropaoli)
05 Father Son
(Peter Gabriel)
06 The Princess
(Enzo Pietropaoli)
07 Supereroa
(Enzo Pietropaoli)
08 Philadelphia
(Neil Young)
09 The End
(Eddie Vedder)
10 God Only Knows
(Brian Wilson)

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