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VVJ 115 - Maria Pia De Vito - Core [Coração] (eng)

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VVJ 115 - Maria Pia De Vito - Core [Coração] (eng)

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Maria Pia De Vito
Core [Coração]  Play


Maria Pia De Vito vocals
Huw Warren piano
Gabriele Mirabassi clarinet
Roberto Taufic guitar and arrangements
Roberto Rossi percussionss

Chico Barque


VVJ 115 - Prodotto da Via Veneto Jazz e Jando Music

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Press release

A great translation work of Brazilian songs from Portuguese to Neapolitan, made alongside the authors, finally becomes an album recorded between Rome and Paris,  Which will be released in May. 

"Core / Coração” is the  new album of Maria Pia De Vito. It’sbeen recorded between Rome and Paris and will be released in May with the label Jando Music in collaboration with Via Veneto Jazz. A new record fatigue, very much felt and and intensely transcultural; the title clearly indicates a work of the heart which candle was lighted by the encounter with the Brazilian composer and guitarist Guinda and the following poetic meeting with Chico Buarque, guest in two pieces of the record:"Todo sentimento" and "O Meu Guri" (the second a duet in Neapolitan). 

A Translation paper work from Portuguese to Neapolitan, done side by side with the authors, in particular with Chico, to preserve intact the beauty, poetry and musicality of the original texts made in Neapolitan language, a formidable musical, lyric, Rhythmic and visionary instrumental the same time.  In this metamorphic vision, just like a deep dive into the Brazilian songwriting world, Neapolitan dances meet the Brazilian ones, the visionary samba of Tom Zèmeets a Tammurriata and together frame the Chico Buarque masterpiece "Construção"; "Agua and Vinho" by Egberto Gismonti blends to "Voce ‘e notte", a wonderful example of the great Neapolitan melodic tradition. 

Along with Maria Pia there are great musicians and long time companions, instrument virtuosos and with a deep interplay, bearers of intimacy and feeling which only the common and long staging of stages allows: Welsh pianist Huw Warren, who recorded two Album- "Dialektos" and "'O Pata Pata"- with her. The virtuoso clarinettist Gabriele Mirabassi with his classical and jazz style who has been linked for many years to Brazilian music and culture; The Brazilian guitarist Roberto Taufic, author of many arrangements and musician of extraordinary sensibility; Roberto Rossi, a peculiarly creative and unconventional percussionist. 

The research and experimentation on the song and the voice of Maria Pia De Vito, internationally renowned singer and composer, embrace various fields of action.  

His career is full of important collaborations and musical encounters: John Taylor, Ralph Towner, Chico Buarque, Guinga, Rita Marcotulli, Ernst Rejiseger, Enrico Rava, Enrico Pieranunzi,  Norma Winstone, Steve Swallow, Gianluigi Trovesi, Danilo Rea, Enzo Pietropaoli, Paolo Fresu, Paolo Damiani, Cameron Brown, RamamaniRamanujan, David Linx, DiederikWissels, Area, Joe Zawinul, Michael Brecker, Peter Erskine, Kenny Wheeler, MiroslavVitous, Nguyen-Le, Uri Caine, DaveLiebman, Billy Hart, Eliot Ziegmund, Steve Turre, Maria Joao, Monica Salmaso, Art Ensemble of Chicago.



Tracklist of "Core [Coração]": 13 Tracks

01 A costruzione [Construção] Maria Pia De Vito|Chico Buarque
02 Facimmo ampresso [Trocando em miudos] Maria Pia De Vito|Chico Buarque|Francis Hime
03 ‘O PIccerillo [O meu guri] Maria Pia De Vito|Chico Buarque  Feat. Chico Buarque
04 M’abbasta ’nu juorno [Basta um dia] Maria Pia De Vito|Chico Buarque
05 Teresella [Teresinha] Maria Pia De Vito|Chico Buarque
06 [Todo sentimento] Cristovao Bastos|Chico Buarque Feat. Chico Buarque
07 Dio ce penzarrà [Partido alto] Maria Pia De Vito|Chico Buarque
08 Notturna [Noturna] Maria Pia De Vito|Paulo Cesar Pinheiro|Guinga
09 Je t’amo [Eu te amo]   Maria Pia De Vito | Chico Buarque|Antonio Carlos Jobim
10 ‘O ritorno d’o Jammone [A Volta do Malandro] Maria Pia De Vito|Chico Buarque
11 Ll’acqua e ‘o vino [Agua e vinho] Maria Pia De Vito|Geraldo Carneiro|Egberto Gismonti
12 E dimme [Você Você] Maria Pia De Vito|Chico Buarque|Guinga
13 Curre Maria [Olha Maria] Maria Pia De Vito|Chico Buarque|Vinicius De Moraes|Tom Jobim 

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