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VVJ 105 - Alessandro Galati Trio - On A sunny Day (eng)

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VVJ 105 - Alessandro Galati Trio - On A sunny Day (eng)

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Alessandro Galati Trio 

On A sunny Day  Play


Alessandro Galati - piano

Gabriele Evangelista - bass

Stefano Tamborrino - drums


VVJ 105 - Prodotto da Via Veneto Jazz

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Press release

Listening to "On a Sunny Day", the new work by Alessandro Galati, one perceives an incredible harmonic fullness. Its sound simple and well defined, rich and refined, immediately enters in your mind .Galati presents in this  disc melodic and  singable songs, often melting, drawing fantastic melodies, through a complex harmonic structure.

So that listening to "On a sunny day," or "Balloon", or "Crazy winter in town" you will sing them and, at the same time, you’ll listen them over and over, always finding new sensations new things to discover, each time. The melodic themes on this disc are changing, exciting, although sometimes hidden by complex chords, but never overwhelming.

You will sing that melody, but with the sensation of something totally new,  each time. The charm of "On A sunny day" is therefore in its duality between simple and complex, between the familiar and innovative.

In short, a dynamic disk, thanks to the dynamism of the musical trio. Listening  to this record will be like traveling in a musical journey full of twists and turns of program, that will fuel the desire to discover new sensations with the desire to "start again”  to each new listening.



Tracklist of "On A sunny Day": 11 Tracks

01 Baloons

02 Insensatez

03 In Beijing

04 Crazy Winter in Town

05 L’Incontro

06 On A Sunny Day

07 Drop Down Tango Shore

08 Hungaria


10 Smell of The Air

11 Yellow Brain

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