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VVJ 103 - Ameen Saleem - The groove lab (eng)

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VVJ 103 - Ameen Saleem - The groove lab (eng)

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Ameen Saleem 
The groove lab  Play


Ameen Saleem - electric bass, double bass
Cyrus Chestnut - piano, rhodes, wurlitzer, organ
Jeremy “Bean” Clemons - drums, percussions
Stacy Dillard - tenor and soprano sax
Ramona Dunlap
- vocals
Roy Hargrove
- trumpet, flugelhorn
Gregory Hutchinson - drums
Craig Magnano - guitar
Mavis “Swan” Poole
- vocals


VVJ 103 - Prodotto da Via Veneto Jazz e Jando Music

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Press release

Ameen Saleem stands out as one of the most talented bassists on the international jazz scene, widely recognized for his passionate style and unique sound. Although mainly grounded in jazz (Ameen is a member of the Roy Hargrove Quintet and Roy Hargrove Big Band), his music cannot be strictly defined as pertaining to a particular genre but, rather, as a uniquely personal style that spans a vast musical geography.

"The Groove Lab" explores new sonic territory,  incorporating a broad range of sounds and influences that blend to form an eclectic musical palette; a sort of neo-soul, where jazz, soul and funk come together.

Ameen embarks on this musical journey with a stellar cast of musicians, all of whom are characterized by a creative, individual and expressive musical talent, stretching out beyond the boundaries of jazz.  

These exceptional artists perform original compositions, embracing and embroidering the form in a way different from that of purely traditional soul or jazz musicians. The band includes two female vocalists with varying approaches, trumpet and flugelhorn, tenor and soprano, different pianos (acoustic piano, Wurlitzer, Rhodes, organ), guitar, electric bass and double bass, two drummers, both remarkably talented and with unique styles.

The richness of colours and instruments allow Ameen to freely glide, surfing on  powerful groovy waves, among funk beats and jazz vibes, bluesy solos and rock electric guitar solos, bound together with remarkable fluidity, revealing empathic group interplay and innovative ways to work within jazz.



Tracklist of "The groove lab": 13 Tracks

01 Korinthis (Ameen Saleem)

02 Epiphany (Ameen Saleem)

03 Don't Walk Away (Ameen Saleem, Ramona Dunlap)

04 I.L.Y.T. (Ameen Saleem)

05 Love Don't (Ameen Saleem)

06 Neo (Ameen Saleem)

07 For My Baby (Ameen Saleem, Mavis “Swan” Poole, Brian Horton)

08 "A" Theme (Ameen Saleem)

09 Best Kept Secret (Ameen Saleem, Mavis “Swan” Poole)

10 Baby It'll Be Alright (Ameen Saleem)

11 So Glad (Ameen Saleem, Tamisha Waden)

12 Possibilities (Ameen Saleem)

13 For Tamisha (Ameen Saleem)


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