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VVJ 100 - Enzo Pietropaoli Quartet - Yatra Vol.3 (eng)

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VVJ 100 - Enzo Pietropaoli Quartet - Yatra Vol.3 (eng)

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Enzo Pietropaoli Quartet 
Yatra Vol.3  Play

Enzo Pietropaoli - contrabbasso
Fulvio Sigurtà
- tromba
Julian Oliver Mazzariello - piano
Alessandro Paternesi
- batteria


VVJ 100 - Prodotto da Via Veneto Jazz e Jando Music

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Press release

This July sees the release of Enzo Pietropaoli Yatra Quartet’s latest album "Yatra vol. 3", produced by Jando Music and Via Veneto Jazz. This outstanding sonic construction documents their third project which started with "Yatra" in 2011, followed by "Yatra vol. 2" in 2013.

The group was formed in 2011, during a series of concerts in India that sealed the musical and human cohesion among the group members, hence the name Yatra, meaning “journey” in Hindi-Urdu.

Pietropaoli’s music evolves and takes in influences, but nevertheless maintains the spirit of traditional jazz alive. He believes in a certain classicism, trusting that his music can endure over time. With "Yatra vol. 3" they have fine-tuned their approach towards that musical philosophy attained in the group’s two previous works that have been garlanded in praise. "Yatra" was named by the JazzIt readers as "Best Album of 2011", Enzo Pietropaoli "Best Bassist of 2011" and Fulvio Sigurtà "Best New Talent of 2011" for Musica Jazz and lastly, in 2013, Yatra Quartet was voted by Musica Jazz - Jazz Awards as "Best Italian Group of the Year".

Along with an inevitable artistic growth, both individually and as a group, "Yatra vol. 3" espouses a cohesive approach and hones a sound common to the two previous works, taking on an almost ritual significance: remarkable instrumental duets, a repertoire of ten pieces with five original tracks written by Pietropaoli, characterized by a melodic tinge and lush tonalities that stylistically deviate from earlier genres - shying away from eclecticism yet without being overly traditional - and five tributes to old and new musical "experiences", specifically: Stevie Wonder, Janis Joplin, Tom Waits, Blur and a song co-written by Gianni Morandi and Daniel Bacalov.

Also unchanged since the start is the band’s entourage: producers, collaborators, graphic designers and press office - all protagonists of this extraordinary journey.



Tracklist of "Yatra Vol.3": 10 Tracks

01 Dopo le nuvole (Enzo Pietropaoli)

02 Pescatrici di perle (Enzo Pietropaoli)

03 Coffee and tv (Blur)

04 Altri tempi (Enzo Pietropaoli)

05 Hold on (Tom Waits)

06 Angeli (Enzo Pietropaoli)

07 Mercedes benz (Janis Joplin)

08 Se non avessi più te (Migliacci-Bacalov-Zambrini)

09 Living for the city (Stevie Wonder)

10 Prima le nuvole (Enzo Pietropaoli)

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