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VVJ 098 - Rosario Bonaccorso - Viaggiando (eng)

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VVJ 098 - Rosario Bonaccorso - Viaggiando (eng)

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Rosario Bonaccorso 
Viaggiando  Play

Rosario Bonaccorso - doublebass and vocals
Roberto Taufic - guitar and backing vocals
Fabrizio Bosso - trumpet and flugelhorn
Javier Girotto - soprano sax, quena and moxeño


VVJ 098 - Prodotto da Via Veneto Jazz e Jando Music

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Press release

VIAGGIANDO is Rosario Bonaccorso’s latest CD, produced by Jando Music and Via Veneto Jazz.  Theinnate strength and vigour of Rosario’s  melodic writing, together with the striking form structure onwhich he has been working for years, make him widely regarded as one of the most influential andinnovative double bass players.  "VIAGGIANDO ", recorded with his new quartet, consists of 14original compositions that propel listeners head-long on an incredible journey, subtly shifting fromone continent to another,  while drifting through emotions linked by the common thread of the“voyage”: an inspirational trigger that has always played a key role in the musical adventures of thedouble-bassist.  

A deep introspection pervades Rosario Bonaccorso’s music, portraying a soul-searching autobiography that predominantly reveals his passions and inspirations - distant journeysinto unknown lands, nature... the sea itself, love and contrasting emotions -  that are the true heart ofthe album.

There are also a few tracks where the musician sings for the first time: Storto, My Faith,Mon Frere ...a passion for singing, which, over the years,  has made him recognizable thanks to hisvoice being perfectly and expressively symbiotic with his instrument.

Once again, he has chosen histravelling companions with acute sensitivity and awareness, to achieve an end result that is true to hisinspiration - effective and beguiling. At his side, Fabrizio Bosso sustains the creative flow, as heintuitively chisels evocative melodic fragments with his trumpet, while Argentinian saxophonist JavierGirotto and Brazilian guitarist Roberto Taufic  blend in seamlessly into the fabric, further flavouringthis journey with the cultural sensitivity deriving from their homelands.  

A voyage that spans over theMediterranean,  America’s Jazz, Brazil, Argentina ... essential and pure ingredients that, under theguidance of Rosario Bonaccorso,  give birth to a kaleidoscopic  of emotions that only music can convey.



Tracklist of "Viaggiando": 14 Tracks

01 Viaggiando (Rosario Bonaccorso)

02 Matto (Rosario Bonaccorso)

03 My Faith (Rosario Bonaccorso)

04 Storto (Rosario Bonaccorso)

05 ACJ (Rosario Bonaccorso)

06 Domin (Rosario Bonaccorso)

07 Come La Neve (Rosario Bonaccorso)

08 Give Me Your Hand And Sing (Rosario Bonaccorso)

09 Song For My Father (Rosario Bonaccorso)

10 Buon Volo (Rosario Bonaccorso)

11 Agosto (Rosario Bonaccorso)

12 Indian Summer (Rosario Bonaccorso)

13 Mister Kneipp (Rosario Bonaccorso)

14 Mon Frere (Rosario Bonaccorso)

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